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Hello all, 

Bad news today. It seems creator of Patch and longtime friend :iconmagic3w: has deleted the Patch blog and hereby ending the chances of the character's continuation.  This deeply saddens me. There is so much to tell regarding his decision, but I am afraid that I can't sum it up here.  What I can say is that this decision is deeply personal to him, and he has been struggling for many months now.  No matter what I have said over the last several months I cannot seem to reason with him enough to keep the blog going (among other things). He has been struggling with a deep and dark depression, and at the moment he is very frail in mind and spirit and yet somehow volatile enough to do something as audacious as this.  Now normally I don't like to post personal problems to dA, but since Magic3W is a friend of mine, I feel obligated to try in any way to help him out.  I don't expect much to come from this at all, but if you are a fan of Patch and her ask blog I am asking you to please send Magic3W a note or a comment or something tell him to come to his senses.  If you are willing to go one step further you might try talking to him about his personal issues, since I know he decision is closely linked to them.  I have literally tried everything I can do to talk him out of deleting the blog and ending Patch, but there is only so much one friend can do.  Perhaps with the right words from the right person we can save Patch.  If not I am afraid Patch is lost.  Regardless of the outcome, I want to be clear that I have enjoyed working on Patch immensely this past year.  I have watched the character grow and evolve and inspired her own following.  It has been fun and exciting to be apart of and we had a lot more planned for her.  It troubles me to think that this is how she is going to meet her end. 

In loving memory:
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You will be missed...

~ Vulp <\3

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I mostly use a brush that I made myself.  Though I am slowly starting to experiment with other brushes that I have found online. 
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Thank you very much :) ^-^
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