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Current Commission Slots

Round 1:

1.) :iconmagic3w: - Raving Patch (Complete!)

2.) :iconcrutonart: - Mech Collab (Canceled =c)

3.) :iconorangeponi: - Brighter Skies (Complete!)
Brighter Skies by Vulpessentia

4.) :iconkyle-0529: - Our Song (Complete)
Sarajevo (Our Song) by Vulpessentia

5.) :icondiz1993: - Just Belly Rubs and Absolutely Nothing Else! (Complete!)
Just Belly Rubs and Absolutely Nothing Else by Vulpessentia

6.) :iconnlrcolts: - Ante Up (Complete!)
Ante Up by Vulpessentia

7.) :iconsmoothsailingpony: - Don't Go (Complete!)
Don't Go... by Vulpessentia

Round 2:

1.) :iconsmoothsailingpony: - NSFW Leo (Complete!)

2.) :icondjp15: - Hunted (Sketching)

3.) :iconwisp-on-paper: - Chibi Something (Planning)

Based on style alone, which of the following daily Rhos has been the best? 

81 deviants said The Daily Rho 11: Just Some Rho by Vulpessentia
36 deviants said The Daily Rho 3: When in Rh-ome by Vulpessentia
30 deviants said The Daily Rho 6: Rho-ses are Rho-mantic by Vulpessentia
28 deviants said The Daily Rho 10: Fus Rho Da! by Vulpessentia
24 deviants said The Daily Rho 4: Rho-bot by Vulpessentia
11 deviants said The Daily Rho 9: Rhotato by Vulpessentia
5 deviants said The Daily Rho 1: Row Row Rho Your Boat by Vulpessentia
4 deviants said The Daily Rho 8: Rho Rho Fight the Powah! by Vulpessentia



I guess we have statuses now... =/
Jack-Rho-Lantern by Vulpessentia
Sorry but this drawing is all I have time for as of late.
Hope everyone has a happy Halloween! 
Hello everyone, 

    Things have been rather hectic for me as of late.  As a result, I haven't even checked my dA for a while.  So I apologize to those who have been trying to get in touch with me throughout this time.  I will write notes as soon as I can.  

    The reason for my inactivity has been due to my final semester at university.  This is the busiest schedule that I have had by far, and on top of it I am job hunting at the same time.  Because of this, I am afraid that my inactivity will not cease here.  You can probably not expect much from me as far as art goes in the upcoming months.  I have a lot on my plate and it is going to be a while before I am in a stable position again to do art consistently.  

    Needless to say, I can't take commissions currently (despite what it says on my profile).  I ask that you guys be patient with me.  For now, I need to get everything in my life squared away so that I am set up for the next coming year or so.  If worst comes to worse, I wont be able to find a job and I could commission full time to pay the rent.  Only time will tell.

    Once again, sorry for my lack of activity.  As always, I appreciate you guys for the encouragement and support.  I hope to get back as soon as possible. Thanks! 

~Vulp <3



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Birthday is coming..
make a fucking wish.
Art related...
something i can draw.

just wish for something i can draw for you T^T
Taykum Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Am i playing league with you right now?
Vulpessentia Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You probably were.
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Just curious, are you a Boy or a Girl?
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